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Online Challenge with offline events
We wanted your feedback on whether doing physical things alongside an online idea Challenge would add to the creative atmosphere.  Challenges, as you know, are time-limited “events”, so, just like the Olympics, maybe participants wearing the right outfits – ideas headbands, tee shirts, trainers – or having prizes in the foyer or at the water cooler, could encourage participation. Maybe ...
Surveys & Consultations - a good idea?
We're discussing with our development team here at Organised Feedback about integrating our Survey and Consultation management platform into Organised Feedback. Do you think this is a good idea, what value would it give you and your participants?
Idea Evaluation - keep it simple?
Our team are working on a new and improved idea evaluation module. What would you like to see included?
What Reports would you like to see next?
Driven by our BI tool, we're going to be adding smart reports over the next 3 to 6 months. What reports would you like to see?

We are also developing a way to automatically send reports to key managers and head's of departments.